2017 June 19

Global Impact Sourcing Outreach Event

GISC will hold a breakfast event for companies to learn more about Impact Sourcing and discuss their goals around inclusion and sustainable supply chains.

2017 June 15

Impact Sourcing Webinar with the IAOP

GISC has partnered with the IAOP to host this webinar about impact sourcing, including details on how you can get involved through IAOP’s efforts as well as the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC).

2017 March 22-March 24

IAOP Outsourcing World Summit 2017

GISC held a special breakfast event on February 22 for participants to learn more about Impact Sourcing, the GISC, and how to get involved. In addition, GISC was presented on two panel and break-out discussions: “The role of Impact Sourcing in Global Site Strategy”, and “Women’s Empowerment and Opportunity in Outsourcing.”

2017 March 3

Impact Sourcing: RSE en actions en 2017

EOA France hosts its third annual event exploring how Impact Sourcing offers opportunities to companies in France and abroad.

2017 February 28

Microwork and Impact Sourcing Report Launch

The Global Center for Youth Employment launched their new report on Microwork and Impact Sourcing, which considers the potential of microwork and impact sourcing to help achieve global development goals. Sara Enright, manager of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, presented on the future of Impact Sourcing.

2016 September 13

Launch of the Global Impact Sourcing

The Rockefeller Foundation and BSR brought together global supporters of Impact Sourcing to celebrate the official launch of the new Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC).