Impact Sourcing and Inclusive Supply Chains: A Conversation with Bloomberg and Digital Divide Data

The next wave for employment in outsourcing is not about finding the next location, it’s about thinking more inclusively when tapping local talent.


Impact Sourcing: The Next Global Hiring Trend

Procurement leaders are looking for ways to show they are making a positive impact on society. BPO providers are looking to differentiate themselves and identify new talent that meets their needs. Impact Sourcing offers this opportunity.


Recording Available for GISC/IAOP Webinar

On June 15, the GISC partnered with the IAOP to host a webinar about impact sourcing. The recording of the webinar is now available on the IAOP website.


Impact Sourcing and Inclusive Supply Chains: A Conversation with Microsoft’s Tim Hopper

Recently the GISC published “The Autism Empowerment Kit,” which offers recommendations and resources for employers to provide workplace accommodations that empower employees with autism. Microsoft, one of the sponsors of this kit, shared this resource with its suppliers at an event on disability inclusion. We spoke with Tim Hopper, Microsoft’s manager of responsible sourcing initiatives, about this initiative and the company’s wider commitment to Impact Sourcing.

Hopper: “For Microsoft, Impact Sourcing is about knocking down artificial barriers to employment and allowing high-potential individuals to bring their strengths to the marketplace. By partnering with our suppliers, we can bring people in who would not otherwise have an opportunity and support their success in the workplace.”


Impact Sourcing In Action: Autism Empowerment Kit

This report focuses on workplace inclusion of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It provides employers with guidance, recommendations, and resources for providing support and workplace accommodations to empower autistic employees throughout their employment lifecycle—from recruitment to training and career development. This is the first of a series of reports on the inclusion of diverse individuals in the workplace, produced by GISC in partnership with GISC members.