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BSR provides Impact Sourcing assessment and advisory services to client and supplier companies. Contact us to discuss how we can support your company to design and implement an effective Impact Sourcing program, or to assess what you already have in place against the Impact Sourcing Standard criteria.

Our participation in the Global Impact Sourcing Challenge inspires the AutonomyWorks team and our business partners. I am excited to be part of this community of innovation and action.

Dave Friedman, CEO and Founder, AutonomyWorks

In 2017 we placed 230 impact souring candidates into our business. Over and above the ROI, which showed a 46% cost saving and performance delivery improvements, we have enjoyed the enthusiasm, positive attitudes and willingness to develop of our new group of colleagues. Webhelp sees this as testimony that this is a sourcing model well worth investing in.

Kathy Kalamaras, Managing Executive: People, Webhelp SA