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Adopt the Impact Sourcing Standard

Impact Sourcing Standard Fact Sheet

What is the Impact Sourcing Standard?

The Impact Sourcing Standard defines the minimum requirements and voluntary best practices for providers of business products and services to demonstrate their commitment to inclusive employment. By fully adopting the Standard companies can demonstrate their commitment to inclusive employment to clients, the communities they operate in, and other stakeholders.

How Does it Work?

In order to conform to the Impact Sourcing Standard, businesses need to meet requirements across the Standard’s five sections, covering inclusive business commitments across the entire employee life cycle. Each requirement includes a business policy, practice, or management system that Impact Sourcing providers must meet in order to ensure that people who are long-term unemployed or living under the national poverty line enjoy equal opportunities to enter the workforce and advance in their careers.

How to Adopt the Impact Sourcing Standard?

Businesses that seek to demonstrate their adherence to the Impact Sourcing Standard are invited to participate in an Assessment process led by BSR. The Assessment helps companies to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to good practices in inclusive employment.

BSR offers a simple Assessment service for companies that seek to evaluate their practices and policies in a single country, as well as a Multi-Country assessment. Re-Assessment is also available. A company might seek a re-assessment after the business has grown, or seeks to cover additional geographies, to demonstrate that their clients and stakeholders that their Impact Sourcing policies and practice remain in line with the Standard. We have worked with companies to, for example:

Buyers/Client companies:

  • Assess the business and social impact opportunity for an Impact Sourcing strategy
  • Engage procurement and executive teams to design a high-impact initiative that meets business needs
  • Incorporate Impact Sourcing into sourcing policies for suppliers
  • Evaluate current and new suppliers based on conformance with the Impact Sourcing Standard

Business service providers/Suppliers:

  • Develop an inclusive human resources strategy that aligns with the Impact Sourcing Standard
  • Benchmark against peer organizations
  • Impact Sourcing Standard Assessment (by country, or multi-country)
  • Assess partnerships with inclusive staffing and training providers
  • Advise on communications strategies to market the company’s impact approach

To learn how your company can adopt the Impact Sourcing Standard, please contact BSR with your inquiry and we will follow up with more information and pricing options.

Our Impact Sourcing Standard Adopters

GISC proudly celebrates the following companies who, in addition to their participation as regular members of the Coalition, have demonstrated their commitment to inclusive employment by fully adopting the Impact Sourcing Standard.

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