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Impact Sourcing Challenge

The Global Impact Sourcing Coalition is calling on its members to hire 100,000 impact workers by the end of 2020.

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The Impact Sourcing Challenge is the first of its kind to specifically focus on escalating impact sourcing as a way to increase employment and career development opportunities for disadvantaged workers.

The Challenge is aimed at responsible businesses seeking to positively transform employees' lives through their procurement and hiring practices. The Challenge is registered on the United Nations' global registry of voluntary commitments and multi-stakeholder partnerships and is seen as the largest official commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 and inclusive job creation.

Company Pledges

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Aegis South Africa, a business services provider, pledges to hire 300 new impact workers in South Africa by 2020.

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AutonomyWorks Inc., a marketing operations company with a social mission, pledges to hire 50 new impact workers in the United States by 2020.

Daproim logo


Daproim Africa, an impact sourcing service provider, pledges to hire 1,000 new impact workers in Kenya by 2020.

DDD logo


Digital Divide Data, a BPO provider with a social model, pledges to hire 500 new Impact Workers in the US, Kenya, Cambodia and Laos by 2020.

Five Splash logo


Five Splash, a tier-2/tier-3 cities based business process management company, pledges to hire 750 new impact workers in India by 2020.

Isahit logo


Isahit, a digital Impact Sourcing platform company, pledges to hire 3,350 new impact workers by 2020.

PeopleShores RuralShores logo


PeopleShores, a pureplay Impact Sourcing social enterprise, pledges to hire 1,000 new impact workers in the United States, and RuralShores will hire an additional 3,000 impact workers in India by 2020.

Pixelz logo


Pixelz, an image editing software and service provider, has pledged to hire 300 impact workers in Southeast Asia by 2020.

Regenesys logo


Regenesys BPO, an offshore ethical sourcing business process company, pledges to hire 500 new impact workers in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Nepal by 2020.

Samasource logo


Samasource, a social enterprise that provides BPO services, has pledged to hire 2,000 impact workers in Kenya, Uganda, India  by 2020.

Techno Brain logo


Techno Brain pledges to hire 800 new impact workers across Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia by 2020.

Teleperformance logo


Teleperformance, an omnichannel customer experience management company, pledges to hire 10,000 new impact workers across their global operations by 2020.

Trizma logo


Trizma, key provider of BPO services with multilingual capacity in South East Europe, pledges to hire 90 impact workers by 2020.

Webhelp logo


WebHelp SA, a BPO company, pledges to hire 400 new impact workers in South Africa by 2020.

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