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What is the Impact Sourcing Standard?

The Impact Sourcing Standard is the first globally recognized standard for the business practice of Impact Sourcing. The standard defines the minimum requirements and voluntary best practices for providers of business products and services to demonstrate their commitment to inclusive employment.

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How Does it Work?

In order to conform to the Impact Sourcing Standard businesses need to meet requirements in five sections, covering the entire employee life cycle.

Each requirement includes a business policy, practice, or management system that Impact Sourcing providers must meet in order to ensure that people who are long-term unemployed or living under the national poverty line enjoy equal opportunities to enter the workforce and advance in their careers.

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To adopt the Standard, organisations must be a member of GISC and undertake an assessment process. The first stage is to assess current business practices against the Standard using the GISC Self-Assessment Tool. The organisation must identify policy documents, manuals or other evidence that can verify conformance with all requirements in the Standard. This includes identifying any gaps and initiating corrective actions to address any requirements that are not yet met.

The second stage is a review call with the GISC Secretariat, to verify the self-assessment and to request more documentation for specific requirements in the Standard. Upon satisfactorily providing evidence of conforming to all the requirements, GISC will confirm that the organisation has successfully adopted the Standard.

Organisations that have adopted the Standard conduct a biennial review of their Self-Assessment with the GISC Secretariat to ensure they continue to meet the requirements.

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Tools to Support Adoption

The Self-Assessment Tool is designed for Impact Sourcing service providers and assesses whether the company conforms to the requirements of the Impact Sourcing Standard. It is similar to an internal audit for a business.

The Reporting Template allows service providers that conform to the Impact Sourcing Standard to calculate and measure the number of Impact Workers in their organization.

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Buyers (right-arrow)


(left arrow) Suppliers

The Impact Sourcing Standard helps buyer companies incorporate Impact Sourcing into sourcing policies for suppliers and evaluate suppliers based on conformance with the Standard

  1. Establish Business Practice
  2. Communicate Consistently
  3. Evaluate Service Providers
  4. Increase Adoption
  5. Improve Lives

The Impact Sourcing Standard helps supplier companies offer Impact Sourcing as a service to buyers and provide assurance of quality Impact Sourcing in line with the Standard