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GISC Steering Committee

The GISC is governed by a Steering Committee of elected participants from member companies, with a balanced representation between buyers and providers.

The Steering Committee sets the strategy and direction of the Coalition and oversees core activities including creating a better market through the Global Impact Sourcing Standard and Assurance System; connecting corporate buyers with suppliers committed to Impact Sourcing and supporting research and raising awareness of the value of Impact Sourcing to business and society.

Current Members

Alex Rochlitz

Alex Rochlitz

Vendor Strategy and Execution Partner

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Alex Rochlitz has helped shaped the outsourcing strategy and operations at some of the fortune 500's most notable brands. Now at Google he manages outsourcing strategy and execution for several key Google business areas. Alex currently serves as the Vice Chair of the GISC Steering Committee.

“The success we've seen in tech with Impact Sourcing was so powerful it was clear to me the path we were on would change the way business is done in the future. At Google I am charged with developing our own Impact Sourcing program, which the GISC has been a critical resource for. Through my role with GISC, I hope to help spread Impact Sourcing across all business practices. The opportunities are limitless.”

Aparna Gole

Aparna Gole


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Aparna Gole brings over 15 years of experience across Management Consulting, Technology, and BPO industries, working with companies including Sutherland Global Services, Avalon Consulting and Infosys. At PeopleShores, Aparna's key responsibility is to foster new business connections. She also oversees service delivery of select ongoing projects. She is also deeply interested in the world of social impact assessment.

“Using the market understanding we have built at PeopleShores and RuralShores, as a steering committee member at GISC, I would like to help build the field of Impact Sourcing and identify ways in which impact sourcing buyers and supplies can collaborate meaningfully and sustainably. I am keen on building a sector-representative impact assessment framework and also help build the field of Impact Sourcing locally, in the US.”

Erin Lambert

Erin Lambert

Global Head of Sourcing, Global Data Division

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Erin Lambert is the Global Head of Sourcing for Bloomberg’s Global Data division and is responsible for establishing, managing and restructuring outsourced and strategic services procurement. She sets the strategic vision for the governance program as well as the location strategy.

“Bloomberg has an active interest in working with Impact Sourcing providers. We have a long history as a company of pairing philanthropy and corporate social responsibility with our commercial activities. I spend a good portion of my time looking for the right partners, and discussing expectations for hiring, developing and growing employees with our service providers. We are pushing providers to examine their programs, as well as placement in our accounts.”

Rita Soni

Rita Soni


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Rita Soni is a cross-sector advisor whose 26 years of work with General Electric, a Ford Foundation start-up, and as CEO of Nasscom Foundation, has been dedicated to bridging business and social good. Rita’s advisory mandate with B2R Technologies is to forge partnerships.

“Bringing a strong understanding of the complex relationships, linkages and opportunities for partnerships, I am pleased to join the Steering Committee as a way of B2R Technologies continuing its history of supporting a platform bigger than themselves. We have a vision for the GISC’s strategic direction: scaling Impact Sourcing through ‘coopetition’ (cooperation among competitors).”

Subhojit Roye

Subhojit Roye

Vice President and Head of Global Alliances

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Subhojit Roye is Vice President and Head of Global Alliances for Business Process Services at Tech Mahindra. He has over 25 years of experience building strategic partnerships that leverage technology and specialized services to generate business value for clients. He was part of the initial workshop conducted by The Rockefeller Foundation in 2013 that resulted in the inception of the GISC, and has remained passionate about Impact Sourcing ever since. Subhojit currently serves as the Chair of the GISC Steering Committee.

“Humanity’s innate desire to rise is the driving purpose for the Mahindra Group, parent company of Tech Mahindra. Aligned to this “Rise for Good” mission, we focus on multiple constituencies including girls, youth, and farmers to support education, health and livelihood enhancement. As well as its CSR initiatives driven through the Tech Mahindra Foundation, Tech Mahindra is also fully committed to Impact Sourcing. We are a Charter Member of GISC and are in the process of exploring not just how to adopt standards for impact hiring internally, but also to take up the Global Impact Sourcing Challenge.”

Tim Hopper

Tim Hopper

Responsible Sourcing Manager

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Tim Hopper is leading work on a global responsible sourcing program for Microsoft’s 25,000+ indirect spend suppliers. Tim is a seasoned Microsoft sustainability leader with deep procurement experience. Prior to Microsoft, Tim had a distinguished banking career as a regulator and as the CEO of a financial institution.

“We have been working on Impact Sourcing for several years together with our suppliers to encourage inclusive employment. For Microsoft, Impact Sourcing is about knocking down artificial barriers to employment and allowing high-potential individuals to bring their strengths to the marketplace. It’s a business model that strongly aligns with the company’s mission to empower every person and every organization to achieve more.”