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Introducing the Impact Sourcing Supplier Directory

1. Where did the idea of an Impact Sourcing Supplier Directory originate?

It originated in response to the needs of our members. Buyer organizations want to identify and select Impact Sourcing service suppliers, and supplier companies want to connect with global purchasers for business development. The members-only Supplier Directory will help members make business connections to achieve their Impact Sourcing goals.

We also wanted to have a single resource where members can see which organizations have adopted the Impact Sourcing Standard and been verified as having a clear commitment to inclusive hiring.

2. How does it work?

We gather information from members and then create a listing for them on the Supplier Directory. GISC members can view all the suppliers on an overview page. By clicking on a company name, they can then access a dedicated page with information about that company.

3. What information does it contain?

Listed suppliers are assessed against the Impact Sourcing Standard. The Impact Sourcing Standard is the first globally recognized standard for the business practice of Impact Sourcing. By adopting the Standard, suppliers show that they meet the requirements developed by members of the GISC to demonstrate a clear commitment to inclusive employment.

Buyer organizations are reassured by suppliers’ adoption of the Standard. Suppliers are therefore listed as either having completed the first stage self-assessment, taking steps towards adoption, or having successfully adopted the standard.

The directory also contains contact details and other Impact Sourcing related information such as number of impact workers, operating locations, awards and pledges to the Global Impact Sourcing Challenge.

4. What does the Impact Sourcing Supplier Directory mean for the future of Impact Sourcing?

With buyers able to identify and select Impact Sourcing suppliers from all over the world, it will immediately mean better global connectivity among organizations wishing to partner on Impact Sourcing. We think it is important not only to connect businesses but also to highlight when they have adopted the Impact Sourcing Standard, to provide a level of assurance.

As Impact Sourcing expands beyond BPO services into other areas such as facilities management, the Impact Sourcing Supplier Directory will also raise awareness of these new possibilities for global purchasers.

5. How can suppliers get involved?

We’d love to add more Impact Sourcing suppliers to the Directory. They will need to become members of the GISC and work towards adopting the Impact Sourcing Standard. In the first instance, please contact