We’re delighted to present the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC)’s first Steering Committee members. Please find below an introduction from each of the Steering Committee members, an impressive group of leaders that have demonstrated real commitment to advancing Impact Sourcing on behalf of their organizations and the GISC.

Microsoft logo

David Rickard, Director, Microsoft Procurement

David is a Senior Director in Microsoft Procurement, responsible for Global Contact Centre outsourcing. A large part of his role is concentrated on supplier strategy with an increasing focus on how the company’s supplier footprint can be leveraged to support Microsoft’s CSR objectives.

“As an individual and as an employee of Microsoft I am passionate about Impact Sourcing and the benefits it can bring, not only to the individuals involved but also the companies who employ these workers and the world at large. Having seen first-hand the passion and commitment impact sourced workers bring to their jobs and the resulting benefit to the customers they serve, I feel strongly that we need to demonstrate the business benefits of Impact Sourcing beyond the “feel good” factor.”

Bloomberg logo

Erin Lambert, Global Head of Sourcing, Bloomberg

Erin is the Global Head of Sourcing for Bloomberg’s Global Data division and is responsible for establishing, managing and restructuring outsourced and strategic services procurement. She sets the strategic vision for the governance program as well as the location strategy.

“Bloomberg has an active interest in working with Impact Sourcing providers. We have a long history as a company of pairing philanthropy and corporate social responsibility with our commercial activities. I spend a good portion of my time looking for the right partners, and discussing expectations for hiring, developing and growing employees with our service providers. We are pushing providers to examine their programs, as well as placement in our accounts.”

TechMahindra logo

Subhojit Roye, Head Global Alliances, TechMahindra BPS

Subhojit Roye is Head of Global Alliances at TechMahindra BPS. Subhojit has more than 20 years of experience in driving business through alliances at leading software, IT consulting, and ITES/ BPO services providers.

“TechMahindra was one of the founding members of GISC and continues to build upon its commitment to Impact Sourcing. Humanity’s innate desire to rise is the driving purpose for the Mahindra Group, parent company of TechMahindra (TechM). Aligned to this “Rise for Good” mission, we focus on multiple constituencies including girls, youth, and farmers to support education, health and livelihood enhancement.”

Samasource logo

Tony MacDonald, CFO, Samasource

As CFO of Samasource, Tony has focused on driving Impact Sourcing to deliver meaningful development change on the ground in developing countries. A former Oracle finance executive, Tony brings more than 20 years large corporate experience to bear towards Samasources’ mission to lift people out of poverty by connecting them to dignified digital work.

“Impact sourcing has been at the core of Samasource’s mission, since its inception in 2008. We’ve given work to over 8,600 people to date, across Africa, South Asia and the Americas. Through partners and our own data centers in developing countries, we’ve learned how to sustainably connect marginalized people to digital work to lift them, their families and communities out of poverty.”

The new Steering Committee will work closely with the BSR and the GISC Secretariat to set the strategy and direction of the GISC over the next few years.